Blackstone-Millville Regional High School
                    One School One Book 2015
 One School One Book Summer Reading 2015 details



BMRSD will host a back-to-school forum moderated by Senator Ryan Fattman at
BMRHS on Tuesday 9/22 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
as part of the Senator’s listening tour to answer questions and share ideas on
improving education in the Commonwealth.




In the event that school is closed or delayed due to inclement weather, announcements will be posted on this banner and broadcast on the following radio and TV stations: WNRI, WOON, WSRS, WTAG, WBZ, WPRO, WRKO, WHJJ, WWBB, WSNE, and channels: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12 and local cable stations.


High School Mission:

To provide students with a safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence, personal responsibility, and social development necessary for success in a changing world.

High School Core Values:

High School Vision:

Blackstone-Millville Regional High School strives to prepare students for the outside world by providing Relationships, Relevance, Realization, and Rigor, while nurturing the intellectual, emotional, and social well-being of each student. BMR aims to be a place where students can "discover themselves", finding a sense of purpose and realizing their aspirations.

Expectations for Student Academic Performance:

BMR students will be able to:

  1. Communicate using a variety of mediums - Rubric 1
  2. Solve problems by researching, organizing, and synthesizing information - Rubric 2
  3. Use technology effectively - Rubric 3
  4. Collaborate productively in a variety of learning environments - Rubric 4

Expectations for Student Civic/Social Performance:

BMR students will be able to:

  1. Take personal responsibility in their own learning - Rubric 5
  2. Exercise responsible citizenship - Rubric 6

Blackstone Millville Regional H. S.
Principal: Mr. Michael E. Dudek
Asst. Principal: Mr. Keith Ducharme
Secretary: Mrs. Linda Salome
Secretary: Mrs. Jill Rondeau

175 Lincoln Street
Blackstone, MA 01504
Phone: (508) 876-0117
Fax (508) 876-1035
School Absence Line (508) 876-0114
School Late Line (508) 876-0106

Office Hours: 7:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Student Hours: 7:30 AM - 2:02 PM